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Route 1 Fun Facts
Fun Fact #13

The road that later became Historic Route 1 started as a trail during the 1600s. Burned trees marked the way, crude bridges crossed ravines, and canoe ferries transported goods and people across wider rivers. Later, the first horse carrier service would be established in New Jersey.

More Fun Facts

Driving Historic Route 1 through Virginia is like watching America's story unfold before your eyes.

  • Carytown Merchants Association

    3126 West Cary Street, Richmond, VA, 23221
    Phone: (804) 422-2279

  • Lakeside

    Accessible from I-95 North and from Broad Street via Glenside Drive., Henrico, VA, 23228

  • Richmond Region Visitor Center

    405 N 3rd Street, Richmond, VA, 23219
    Phone: (804) 783-7450

  • Rostov's Coffee and Tea

    1618 W. Main Street, Richmond, VA, 23220
    Phone: (804) 355-1955

  • The Farmers Market

    Center of Market Square (Old Towne) Old Street, Petersburg, VA, 23803
    Phone: (804) 733-2400