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Route 1 Fun Facts
Fun Fact #6

Beltsville, Maryland, is home to the National Agricultural Library - part of the National Agricultural Research Center. The center covers 7,000 square miles and attracts scientists, researchers, and FBI and CIA employees.

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Driving Historic Route 1 through Virginia is like watching America's story unfold before your eyes. Visit Mount Vernon -- home of George and Martha Washington for 45 years and the first president's favored retreat from military and political life. Explore Ferry Farm, Washington's boyhood home, where he supposedly chopped down his father's cherry tree. Stroll amidst cobble-stone streets, 18th-century architecture, and popular shops and restaurants in Old Town Alexandria.

Immerse yourself in Civil War history at ghostly battle sites in Chancellorsville, Petersburg, and Fredericksburg. Learn more about the toll the conflict took on the nation at the Richmond Region's American Civil War Center. Or spend a reflective day at Arlington National Cemetery.

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