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Route 1 Fun Facts
Fun Fact #13

The road that later became Historic Route 1 started as a trail during the 1600s. Burned trees marked the way, crude bridges crossed ravines, and canoe ferries transported goods and people across wider rivers. Later, the first horse carrier service would be established in New Jersey.

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Rhode Island

Although Rhode Island is America's smallest state, it packs a wallop in attractions and tourist spots — and boasts one of the country's biggest concentrations of historic landmarks.

Learn how our ancestors lived in 17th-century houses and churches. Broaden your intellectual horizons at a cutting-edge art gallery or award-winning theater production. See the thought-provoking exhibits — from classic to avant-garde — at the Museum of Art at the Rhode Island School of Design. Feel like a Vanderbilt and stroll through the mansions of Newport. Spanning 11 properties and 80 acres of gardens and parks, these elegant homes display 250 years of architectural evolution — from colonial times to the Gilded Age.

Experience this jewel of a state for yourself on Historic Route 1 and unlock its abundant treasures and delights.

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