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Route 1 Fun Facts
Fun Fact #5

Lantana, Florida, is home to the National Inquirer and its sister publication, the Weekly World News.

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Discover the quintessential New England adventure along Historic Route 1. Drive through a world of quaint towns, seaports, and natural wonders. While Maine retains much of its colonial charm, it bristles with an energy and vibrancy sure to stir your desire to leave the car and sightsee.

Cruise along the rocky yet beautiful coastline for an up-close view of nature's bounty. Laugh at the lovable antics of seals playing on the shore. Grab your binoculars and admire some of America's most colorful birdlife. Catch a whale-watching tour and witness one of these powerful animals breach the ocean's surface with a mighty splash. Keep an eye out for dolphins and puffins, too.

Visit the Portland Head Light — Maine's oldest lighthouse and the second oldest in America, built in the 1790s. Ride in a lovingly restored streetcar at the Seashore Trolley Museum — the world's oldest and largest electric railway museum. With more than 250 trolleys, you can climb aboard and literally get a feel for America's transit history.

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